Benninger ready for the new carbon footprint regulations

Textile products which are finished on Benninger systems have an excellent impact on the environment. Carbon and water footprints have been evaluated for a wide range of very different products, and a universal calculation model has been developed. What particularly stands out is the low water consumption of the Benninger finishing machines for knitwear and woven fabrics. This in turn results in the low energy consumption and the equivalent CO2 emissions. Benninger has also achieved excellent results in terms of the consumption of chemicals. The accurate and controlled consumption of chemicals has a beneficial effect for the environment.

Not only does Benninger have the necessary expertise to calculate carbon and water footprints for different finishing techniques and processes, but it also offers machines which are particularly efficient in their use of water and energy.

One particular highlight is the recycling of water and energy from Benninger plants, with the aid of which it is now possible to refine textile systems to the stage where the discharge of waste water is reduced to zero.