Textile Finishing

Always up-to-date

Benninger offers solutions for all important textile finishing processes and specializes in the continuous open width treatment of fabrics and interlaced yarns.

With innovative process systems Benninger increases efficiency and therefore provides customers with significant competitive advantages. Whether with regards to increasing productivity, optimizing quality or ensuring ecological standards. In order to always implement the latest scientific findings Benninger closely cooperates with the world’s leading market research institutes for textile chemistry and physics. Saving energy and reducing the use of chemicals takes priority in textile finishing, at the same time, quality requirements must be one hundred percent fulfilled.

High washing effect with low water consumption
From grey cloth to full dyeing or print white
Precise mercerization
One-step dyeing technology
Knitwear open-width concepts
Zero Discharge: Resource Management
Zero Discharge - Environmental protection through waste water recycling and heat recovery
Carbon Footprint
Benninger ready for the new Carbon Footprint regulations