Tire Cord

Fabric and yarn treatments for the most sophisticated requirements

Benninger tire cord and single end installation impregnation systems are technologically mature, guaranteeing total reliability and the highest possible level of safety of the treated fabrics in the most diverse areas of application.

For more than sixty years Benninger has been setting the standards as manufacturer of complete installations for tire cord fabric, single ends as well as conveyor belt fabrics. As the market leader Benninger’s technology guarantees total reliability and the highest quality. With its one-stop complete solutions Benninger appeals to technical textile manufacturers, tire manufacturers as well as the chemical fiber industry.

Tire cord installations
The impregnation and hot stretch process for 100 percent reliability and safety on the road
Single end installations
The impregnation and hot stretch process for universal and customised yarn solutions
Conveyor belt installations
The impregnation process for highly wearing-resistant and dynamic conveyor belts
Impregnation solution preparation units
For maximum adhesion of the cord fabric to the tire
Cutting installations
For precise cutting with a high degree of automation
Calendar accessories
The latest calendar accessories for tire manufacturers