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Capture Machine Data - It´s so easy!

  • no programming knowledge required
  • standard software interface
  • easy configuration of the data to be recorded
  • integrated data security
  • visualize production data
  • output logs
  • GMP compliant


If you also want to record and log your machine data, contact Bennninger Automation now!

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certon modules

certon comprises the certonLOG and certonVIEW modules.

certonLOG records the machine data, and the machine data is visualized and further processed with certonVIEW.
The modules can be installed on a Windows PC. With certonBOX , Benninger supplies a compact top hat rail PC for all machines and systems that do not have a PC, on which all necessary components are already pre-installed.

certonLOG collects the data via OPC-UA.

This universal software interface enables secure connections to a variety of PLC and SCADA systems.

certonLOG can be installed on the machine PC or on an external computer, which simplifies the use, for example, for retrofits and modernizations.

Typical data logs

  • Cyclic recording of measured quantities
    (e.g.  temperatures, filling levels, pressures etc.)
  • Alarms and messages
  • Operating actions 
    (value changes, user interventions)
  • Audit-Trail

certonLOG stores the data per logging unit in a SQL data file. This simplifies subsequent data archiving, as the files can be conveniently transferred to the archiving server by copying/moving.

It can be easily configured with a csv table which data certonLOG records. All entries are always logged with the date, time, old and new value as well as the current user.
Furthermore, the recording time (cyclic, at the start, at the end, in the event of a change etc.) can be freely selected.


The data point is recorded at the beginning of logging.


The data point is recorded at the end of logging.


The data point is continuously logged at a definable sampling rate.


Deadband:         Minimum necessary change for logging 
Sampling rate:   Time between the value check


The data point is logged with a rising edge.


The data point is logged with a falling edge.

certonVIEW displays the recorded machine data in a clear manner.

Select the logging unit and look at the entries in detail.

Filter and sort functions allow you to quickly find the entries you are looking for, even in a large log.

The data is displayed in structured logs.
Important production data can be visualized in separate areas and value lists can be grouped.

In the Audit-Trail all operating actions are displayed in chronological order.
The display of measured values in trend diagrams is particularly clear.

The log design is based on Crystal Reports (SAP). A report template is supplied with certonVIEW. The Report Viewer is integrated into certonVIEW.

Do you want to process your data further? Data export as Excel, XML or RTF is also possible with  certonVIEW. All reports can naturally also be printed or saved as a PDF.

The certonBOX connects all components necessary for data acquisition in one system.
The compact top hat rail PC can be integrated into practically any system to save space.

Ideal for retrofitting or systems without system‐PC, for example WinCC* flexible applications.

*WinCC is a trademark of Siemens AG 

The certonBOX adapts to your requirements. You can choose between LOG and LOG+ (GMP).
Is the OPC server already available or certonVIEW is working elsewhere in the network?

Benninger configures the certonBOX to suit your needs exactly!

Die certonBOX – all in one

  • Compact, powerful top hat rail PC
  • Windows 10 – 64 bit
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • certonLOG / LOG+
  • certonView
  • OPC-UA server software

You too can profit from the new options ...

                                 ...  and use your time for other things.

certon results

After storage, the acquired data is available for viewing, logging and evaluation.

This can be done both locally on the machine and at other workstations for greater convenience.

View, search, filter, validate data

certonVIEW makes data visible and features filter functions for identifying relevant data sets.

The validation function ensures that stored data has not been manipulated. 

Creating logs

Different batch logs can be created from the stored data using log templates which are adapted to the application.

The logs can be printed or sent automatically after creation.


The Audit-Trail shows all user interventions with date, time, old value, new value and the logged in user.

This makes the production process one hundred percent traceable.

Simple data handling

certon creates one data file per logging unit.

The data can therefore be very easily integrated into a customized archiving system. 


You can license the certon module you have purchased using the form below.

How to proceed:

  1. Fill out the form and send it to us.
  2. You will receive the license file license.lic by email at the address that you specified.
  3. Implementation is carried out with the respective certon module.
Please select the right module!
License number (from the license certificate) xxx-xxx-xxxxxx
Product key (generated by the customer's certon module) xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
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